So glad that Christopher Pyne’s
Name rhymes so well with whine
Else I might get stuck
Writing verse re this Schmuck
And the bullshit that’s his only line


Chris Pyne’s mad eyes and his drool
Starts one to thinking the fool’s
Gonna go round the twist
And start biting his fist
As he probably did when at Pre School.

The Libs have their own rotten hum
But not sure, from where it does come
But I’m thinking that it’s
Cos they’re so full of shit
It gives them that odour, the scum

Can’t be sure Chris Pyne won’t implode
When face is puffed up like a toad
So when having his Fit
We may be covered in Lib shit
Like a Time Bomb he could explode.

When Chris Pyne goes red in the face
Looking like he’s not long for this place
Reminds one of a cane toad
About to explode
Leaving Lib shit all over the place.

All the Libs in Parliament sit
Moving plenty of Motions to whit
If these Motions were Faeces
It would prove these subspecies
As suspected are all full of shit

The Liberals Christopher Pyne
Makes whinging his usual line
He learned that bad habit
From his boss Mr Abbott
And now he’s The Master of Whine