Most delays in the Parliament arena
Are by Abbott and Pyne’s demeanour
And as usual they’ll claim
That Julia’s to blame
Wish they’d both take their hands off their wiener.

Abbott and Pyne the marauders
Are in love with the words, “Standing Orders”
They waste time to suspend
Knowing it will upend
The Parliament into disorder.


Of the Libs everyone should have fears
Pyne and Abbott will bring us to tears
If their actions were’nt serious
One would laugh till delirious
At their impressions of Noddy and Big Ears

Although some say Julia’s a Devil
I believe she’s dead on the level
For I’d rather go
With the Devil I know
Than let Big Ears the Country dishevel.

I wonder and just can’t believe
In CP and what’s up his sleeve
I’ll bet raisins to dates
He and Tone are still mates
And his preferences will help them achieve

I believe Clive’s new Party’s a ploy
And the Public’s being used like a toy
It’s just bullshit he totes
And will send preference votes
To the Libs and Tony his boy.

There’s this Liberal Poli named Cash
With facial expressions not flash
This sneering piece of work
Should be christened “The Smirk”
And for showing contempt wins the sash

The Lib’s Peter Ryan’s big hearted
But if he ever grinned it’s departed
Till he’s now a sad case
With a look on his face
That seems to be saying “Who Farted?”

It’s about time Christopher Pyne
When spouting his bullshit line
Woke up that most folk
Think that he’s a big joke
With his incessant whinging and whine